Boxwood Junction is an inclusive community for people with disabilities.  Our mission is to offer residential, employment, recreational, social and therapeutic services for our residents while engaging them in the greater community.


Our Beginning

The John M. Migton Foundation was created by a group of families and friends of people with disabilities who want a better future for their loved ones.  John, the parent of Barbara Migton, passed away suddenly at the age of 62 on November 9, 2015.  His wife, Joan, and daughter, Christine, decided that Barbara would need to be surrounded by a supportive community where she could be supervised and assisted, where she could work and live with friends and families.  Other families who shared a similar vision joined in the plan, created the vision, and set the wheels in motion to fashion an innovative residential and employment model to support people with disabilities and to allow them to live with those who have chosen to mentor them in an inclusive community.


We just want everyone to belong.





Architect Rendering of Projected Courtyard Space
Image Courtesy of Studio Gola Papa


Our Vision

Boxwood Junction will be a planned community which includes homes clustered around a central building which can serve as a gathering place.  It will also include retail space for hospitality and other businesses where our residents and their mentors will be able to work productively and serve the greater community.

We envision later phases to include a health and wellness center which would offer speech, occupational and physical therapy to our residents and the greater community, and an assisted living center where our residents can work but also transition when they need that level of care.





Floor Plan of Housing Unit
Image Courtesy of Studio Gola Papa


Get Involved

If you know of someone with a disability who would benefit from our services, or if you or someone you know would like to volunteer your services, please contact us.  We are looking for people with fundraising, business, legal, real estate, or marketing skills who share our vision.  Email us at

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